2017 June

Application of remote control LED lights take part in public

The application of LED lighting lighting lamps and lanterns

in some public places we may be divided into several parts:

(1) lighting to the entertainment industry

Often go to KTV friends all know, the environment of the light is very beautiful, flash to flash to say, the effect is quite high, so this kind of industry need lighting requirements is high, not only on the function requirement, and is also high in the configuration.

(2) coffee shop etc.

If anyone been to friends also know that this kind of environment, this requires environment atmosphere, romantic atmosphere, and requirements is static. At this point, any adjustment to the LED lighting environment becomes quite have atmosphere.

(3) the memorial hall lighting, etc

This part of the workplace demands is no radiation, no pollution, namely low consumption. Just our LED point light source can meet these requirements, because the LED cold light source, no radiation, low consumption and basically! It has the very good protection effect for the protection of cultural relics.

(4) stages

Every festival, will appear a few businessmen make promotion and activity. This requires much higher for the LED flash lamp to dazzle, quickly, and build the effect of these for goods and model has a good effect.

https://huaxuantech.com As we all know, industrial lighting lighting technology request is not high, but to satisfy the demand of the special variety of application environment lighting light source and lamps and lanterns with diverse needs. Therefore, as the huge industrial lighting market is differentiation, LED enterprises to step on the LED industrial lighting right, provide accurate LED lighting products according to the requirements of industrial lighting environment and form a complete set of lighting solutions to rapidly occupation industrial lighting market. Second, in the face of industrial LED lighting products cost-effective lack of advantages over traditional lighting, LED enterprises are large-scale production to improve product technology to reduce product prices, at the same time to the color taking more high-quality product to education of users, enhance the user experience, let users really feel in the field of application in industrial lighting energy saving and environmental protection comprehensive are high cost performance LED lighting products, feeling comfortable light environment at the same time, let the user experience perfect supporting services.